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Cesium Releases in June 2021

CesiumJS 1.82 Release 

CesiumJS 1.82 is now available. Highlights of the release include:

  • Added FeatureDetection.supportsBigInt64Array, FeatureDetection.supportsBigUint64Array, and FeatureDetection.supportsBigInt.
  • Fixed processTerrain in decodeGoogleEarthEnterprisePacket to handle a newer terrain packet format that includes water surface meshes after terrain meshes. 

See the changelog for a full list of updates and links to the discussion & code on each one. You can also subscribe to the CesiumJS release thread on our community forum to get notifications about our monthly releases.

Cesium for Unreal Updates

We added big improvements to Cesium for Unreal this month, including camera improvements and water effects. Highlights of the release include:

  • Added support for displaying a water effect for the parts of quantized-mesh terrain tiles that are known to be water, enabling you to add Unreal Engine's water simulation with one click for areas that are bodies of water.
  • Make 3D Tiles properties editable in C++ and blueprints via getter/setter functions. Tileset now reloads at runtime when these properties are changed.
  • Improvements to dynamic camera, created altitude curves for FlyTo behavior.
  • Exposed all tileset materials to allow for changes in editor.
  • Added teleport boolean property to CesiumGeoreferenceComponent.
  • Added the ability to use an external Directional Light with CesiumSunSky, rather than the embedded DirectionalLight component.
  • Set CesiumSunSky's directional light intensity to a more physically accurate value.

See the changelog for a full list of updates.

Powered by Cesium

This month we saw Cesium for Unreal at work in an incredible project right here in Pennsylvania. Light Heavy Industries is using Cesium for Unreal to bring accurate terrain to a virtual reality experience re-creating Bethlehem Steel, once one of the largest steel producers in the world. Cesium World Terrain gave their factory models geospatial context and even allowed them to run an accurate flood simulation with Unreal Engine’s water system. 

Bethlehem Steel with flooding simulated in Unreal Engine