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Cesium Named 2020 Geospatial Startup of the Year

We’re honored to announce that Cesium has been named Geospatial Startup of the Year by Geospatial World Media, an organization dedicated to advancing geospatial technology across the globe.

The Geospatial World Awards have been held annually since 2007 to celebrate innovation and outstanding contributions to the global geospatial industry.

The jury selected Cesium in recognition of “its end-to-end platform that unleashes the potential of 3D geospatial data,” and our work on 3D Tiles, “which transforms massive and diverse 3D geospatial data into streamable 3D content.”

Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi with the 2020 Geospatial Startup of the Year award.

“We are grateful to be part of this global community in what we believe is the most exciting time in history to be in geospatial,” said Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi. “The widespread availability of geospatial data - especially 3D data - combined with a countless number of industries that need to utilize these data has brought the work of all of us into the limelight. Cesium is thrilled to be contributing the 3D platform to enable everyone to build applications with 3D geospatial data.”

Cesium team celebration on screen at the virtual awards ceremony.

Learn more about our award-winning platform for 3D geospatial.