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Introducing the New Cesium Community Forum

We’ve just finished moving our Google Groups forum to Discourse, a modern open source platform for online communities. This is the biggest update to the Cesium community forum since its creation. The forum is home to almost a decade’s worth of geospatial wisdom, with over 30,000 posts on everything from basic troubleshooting to discussions about the best ways to visualize our world.

Most people come to the Cesium community when they have real-world data they want to understand. It’s often their first foray into 3D maps. Like many, scouring the forum is how I learned all about why precision matters in many applications, or what happens when you don’t take the Earth’s curvature into account.

If you’ve ever asked a question on the Cesium forum, I want to say thank you for contributing to this unique archive of computer graphics and geospatial knowledge!

The homepage for the new Cesium community forum with several new categories of discussion.

We transitioned to Discourse to make finding and sharing knowledge about Cesium and 3D geospatial even easier. The move to Discourse brings with it much better tools for searching and formatting; better layout, especially on mobile devices; faster page loads; and many more new features.

Everything about the new forum is customizable, so expect it to evolve along with our growing community. For example, we just enabled embedding Cesium Stories directly in forum posts:

You can embed Cesium Stories directly into forum posts now! This is thevirtual tour of Denverwe made for the American Association of Geographers conference.

Check out the forum and tell us what you think in this forum thread. If you’ve posted on the old forum before, see the instructions here for how to reclaim your account on the new forum.

Not only does this new forum make it easier to find the answers you need, it’s a place for collaboration where you can share your work with us and the wider Cesium ecosystem. I’ll see you there!

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