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Upload KML, GeoJSON, and CZML to Cesium ion

Starting today, you can upload and host your KML, GeoJSON, and CZML files with Cesium ion and manage them side-by-side with 3D Tiles, imagery, and terrain for use in CesiumJS and other clients. These formats will be hosted as-is and do not go through the 3D Tiling pipeline.

3D Tiles can be used to stream a massive environment while GeoJSON, KML, and CZML give you fine-grained control over entities that live in that environment, enabling you to produce highly custom and time-dynamic 3D experiences.

Time-Dynamic CZML

A CZML of all FAA air traffic on February 18, 2010. The timeline appears in the preview window for time-dynamic datasets allowing you to explore their full extents.

CesiumJS can also fuse these formats with 3D Tiles at runtime, allowing you to highlight features and overlay metadata to tilesets that don’t have this information. Below, a photogrammetry model of Damascus captured by Vricon is fused with metadata from Spatial Networks to make sites of worship selectable and visually distinct.

Highlighting a mosque in Damascus

GeoJSON and other geometry loaded from ion can be used to dynamically highlight features and add metadata to 3D Tilesets in CesiumJS.

We envision Cesium as a unified platform for building complete 3D experiences and supporting KML, GeoJSON, and CZML is a huge step towards that goal. Start uploading your own data today by signing up for a free ion community account.