Cesium Guide to FOSS4G NA 2019


We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at FOSS4G NA next week in San Diego! This is always a great conference to learn the latest on open source geospatial technology and how it’s being used by the community, and we’re excited to share what we’re working on.

Cesium talks

If you’re interested in catching up with the Cesium team and our platform, we’re giving four talks, all on Tuesday:

11:00 3D: The New Standard for Maps Omar Shehata E4
5:00 Driving Simulations for Autonomous Vehicles with 3D Tiles and Cesium Tom Fili E4
5:00 Reaching New Heights: Harnessing the Potential of Drone Data Capture with Cesium Sarah Chow E10
5:30 Making Massive 3D Data Accessible: What’s New and What’s Next for Cesium and 3D Tiles? Omar Shehata E4

Sean FOSS4G NASean Lilley sharing the latest and greatest with 3D Tiles at FOSS4G NA 2018.

Live demos

We’ll also have a booth in the exhibit hall; stop by to meet our team, talk data fusion with 3D Tiles, find out the latest about Cesium ion, and see some awesome demos from Cesium community members.

1:00 CivicMapper Matt & Emily Mercurio, CivicMapper Cesium booth
3:00 Resium Hiroki Inoue, Darwin Education Inc. Cesium booth
1:00 City Planner Tool Ravi Nishesh Srivastava, Cyient Cesium booth
3:00 California Wildfires from Space Teresa Stritch, AGI Cesium booth
3:00 AnSyn Idan Barak, Webiks Cesium booth

Simioni FOSS4G NAJulian Simioni showing geocoding at the Cesium booth at FOSS4G NA 2018.

Community talks

The conference schedule this year is filled with interesting talks. Here are ones that are related to our work with 3D geospatial data and open standards that we’re excited to check out:

11:00 Playing the Autocomplete Game Julian Simioni, geocode.earth E9
2:00 Resium - React component library for Cesium Hiroki Inoue, Darwin Education Inc. E10
2:30 Plan, Simulate, Visualize, Iterate, and Develop - The City Planner Tool Ravi Nishesh Srivastava, Cyient E12
11:30 Real world usage stories of AnSyn - an open source project for end-to-end imagery exploitation Idan Barak, Webiks E4
1:30 California Wildfires from Space Teresa Stritch, AGI G7
2:30 Re:Earth - Anybody can create digital archives Shinnosuke Komiya, Darwin Education Inc. E10

Plan your week with FOSS4G NA 2019’s schedule on the Attendify app, and follow us on Twitter @CesiumJS for conference updates. We’ll see you in San Diego!

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