Driving US Highway 101 with Cesium World Terrain


Cesium World Terrain, the high-resolution global terrain tileset hosted by Cesium ion, combines multiple data sources into a single quantized-mesh terrain tileset. Terrain for the West Coast of the United States was recently improved to 50 cm resolution.

Higher resolution from the Canada border to the Mexico border means you can plan your entire Pacific road trip in 3D.

Here’s a few notable stops along the way.

San Diego San Diego, California. The high res terrain in this screenshot brings the hillside roads into clear focus.

Montaña de Oro Montaña de Oro, California. The road in the upper right corner of this wireframe shot is actually a narrow footpath through scrub along the clifftop, above a secluded beach and tide pools.

Big Sur Big Sur, California. This rugged coastline near Carmel is famous for the steep cliffs and narrow bridges along Highway 1 that can make for a harrowing drive.

Lost Coast Lost Coast Trail, California. With several sections of the trail that are impassable at high tide, this mostly undeveloped section of the California coast is for adventurous backpackers.

Samuel J Boardman State Py Samuel J Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Oregon. This park includes natural bridges among the beautiful coastal headlands.

Devil's Punch Bowl Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area, Oregon. The bowl, visible in this wireframe, was likely created by the collapse of two caves carved by the ocean. At low tide hikers can climb inside the bowl; at high tide, the bowl fills with water and crashing waves cast spray over the sides.

Cannon Beach Cannon Beach, Oregon. The famous Haystack Rock at this popular seaside town is just visible from this hilltop view at Ecola Point.

Ozette Ozette, Washington. At the northwestern edge of the Olympic Peninsula, hikers take trails and boardwalks to explore the old growth forests on the coast.

Shi Shi Shi Shi beach, Washington. Visitors to this rugged section of the Olympic Coast can access the beautiful remote beach only by hiking.

From San Diego to Shi Shi beach Cesium World Terrain delivers the beauty of the US West Coast with precise detail. What does high-resolution terrain make possible in your application?

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