Cesium Guide to FOSS4G NA 2018


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FOSS4G NA is next week! We’re going to St. Louis, Missouri, for the conference May 14–16. This is one of our favorite events of the year.

Come by our booth to

  • see awesome demos from the Cesium community,
  • meet the core dev team,
  • talk data fusion with 3D Tiles,
  • play the newest Cesium arcade game,
  • find out the latest about Cesium ion, and
  • pick up an invitation to the Cesium party.

Cesium arcade machine

You can expect to find Cesium throughout the conference, but here’s some essential Cesium events you won’t want to miss:

10:00 Cesium booth Demo Wayfinder 3D and GPS to CZML, Will Geary, Columbia
11:15 Gateway II Talk 2.5D !== 3D, Matt Amato, Cesium
12:00 Gateway II Talk The Road to 200,000 Downloads: The Cesium Story, Sarah Chow, Cesium
2:00 Gateway II Talk CityGML, 3D Tiles and Cesium - A Data Fusion Symphony, Shehzan Mohammed, Cesium
2:00 Gateway III Talk Using Cesium and Open Source for Visualization of Atmospheric and Space Science Data, Fernando Sanchez, LASP
2:45 Gateway II Talk Data Fusion with 3D Tiles, Sean Lilley, Cesium
3:20 Cesium booth Demo MAVEN and MMS, Fernando Sanchez, LASP
3:45 Gateway II Talk mago3D. Let’s integrate BIM/AEC with 3D GIS on your web browser., Jinwoo Park, Byeongcheol Bae, Gaia3D
5:05 Cesium booth Demo geocode.earth, Julian Simioni, Pelias
5:05 Cesium booth Demo Kansas Aviation Portal, Jamie Katz, Matt Jones, Denver Pierce, Burns & McDonnell
7:00 Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Event Cesium ion social
3:20 Cesium booth Demo mago3D, Jinwoo Park, Byeongcheol Bae, Gaia3D
10:00 8th Floor Boardroom Workshop Web 3D Geospatial Made Easy: An Introduction to Cesium, Gabby Getz, Cesium

Check the full conference schedule to plan your week, and follow us on Twitter @CesiumJS for conference updates.

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