Cesium Version 1.37 Released


We are happy to announce the release of Cesium 1.37. Highlights include:

  • Added classificationType to ClassificationPrimitive and GroundPrimitive to choose whether terrain, 3D Tiles, or both are classified. #5770
  • Fixed depth picking on 3D Tiles. #5676
  • Fixed a 3D Tiles traversal bug where out-of-view children were being loaded unnecessarily. #5477

For the full list of changes, see the change log.


Cesium Concierge The Cesium Concierge.


Lens flare Lens flare, one of the post-process effects Byumjin Ki added to Cesium this summer.


  • We had a fun and productive time at JS.Geo and FOSS4G. Read our FOSS4G 2017 Trip Report for the full details.
  • SIGGRAPH was also a great success; read the SIGGRAPH 2017 Trip Report about Cesium at SIGGRAPH.
  • In September and October AGI will host free info sessions across the United States on STK Components, a development kit that conducts aerospace and defense-related analysis, which can then be visualized in Cesium.

Road show map

Sean Lilley at FOSS4G Sean Lilley speaking about 3D Tiles at FOSS4G.

Patrick Cozzi at SIGGRAPH Patrick Cozzi speaking at the Cesium BOF at SIGGRAPH.

CesiumJS 1.79.1

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