Penn Students Summer Projects with Cesium


This summer we’ve had three graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania working on special projects for Cesium. Rishabh Shah, Rudraksha Shah, and Byumjin Kim are all in the Computer Graphics and Game Technology masters program.

Rishabh Shah Rishabh Shah.

Rishabh Shah is interested in computer graphics and software development, and in his spare time likes photography, especially macro photography. This summer he worked on the 3D Tiles validator, a command line tool to validate that a tileset conforms to a set of pre-defined specifications for smooth and efficient rendering.

Rudraksha Shah Rudraksha Shah.

Rudraksha Shah likes to learn about new things that can be done with computer graphics. His primary interest is in rendering, and in his spare time he works on improving the render quality of his path tracer. This summer he joined Rishabh Shah in implementing the 3D Tiles validator. The source code is available on GitHub.

Byumjin Kim Byumjin Kim.

Byumjin Kim previously worked as a computer graphics programmer at the BlueHole game company, where he created various shaders, including post-process effects. In his spare time was developing a personal real-time rendering engine based on DirectX11. So when he found that Cesium was also a real-time rendering engine, he was excited to bring in post-process effects. This summer he worked on Cesium visual quality improvements, focused on post-process effects such as lens flare, HBAO, depth-of-field, and edge detection.

Depth-of-field Depth-of-field.


Lens flare Lens flare.

Lens flare Lens flare.

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