Upcoming Summer Code Sprint


On June 13th, the Cesium team will be going to the Pocono Mountains for our annual Summer Code Sprint. We like to get away twice a year (once in the summer and once in the winter) so we can dedicate time to working on intensive projects and collaborating on things we might not get a chance to in our normal day to day. We have some really cool projects planned.

Rachel will be working on adding some view constraints to the camera. Matt and Shezan will be working on the 3D Tiles pipeline. Dan will be working on finishing the particle system PR. I will be working on adding support for a time dimension to WMTS. Patrick will be working on organizing Cesium issues and adding some developer guides. The entire team will be helping review pull requests as well.

If there’s a particular issue or feature you’d like us to consider, just comment on it in the Cesium GitHub repo. If you are thinking of contributing, the code sprint is also a great time to open a pull request since the entire team will be active in the repo. Check out the beginner issues if you are just getting started.

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