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Swiss Geospatial Portal Using 3D Tiles

swisstopo, Switzerland’s national mapping agency, is now using 3D Tiles. The agency produces detailed maps of Switzerland and also documents geological, geodesic, and topographical changes in the landscape. As part of the Federal Geoinformation Act to make Swiss geospatial data available for widespread use, swisstopo is implementing 3D Tiles to process its extensive data collection and Cesium to visualize it. They’ve launched the beta of their 3D Geoportal, which makes their national geodata collection widely available.

Try it out and explore Switzerland for yourself.

swisstopo is based on open source software, and the source code is all on GitHub.

The Swiss Federal Geoportal has more than 500 geodata sets originating from a variety of federal bodies, and about 3 million structures, complete with roof geometries and overhangs.

swisstopo's infrastructure is used by approximately 50,000 users each day.