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ContextCapture Produces High Resolution 3D Models from Simple Photographs

Bentley develops software for engineers and architects, constructors, and owner-operators for infrastructure projects.

With Reality Modeling, Bentley brings real-world imagery to infrastructure projects. In this product line, ContextCapture allows users to produce 3D models of existing real-world conditions, including scales as large as entire cities, from simple photographs. This allows users to quickly provide context for design, construction, and operations decisions for all types of infrastructure projects.

ContextCapture CONNECT Edition Update 3, released in September 2016, has introduced the ability to generate 3D models with level-of-detail in the Cesium 3D Tiles format for streaming, display, and analysis in Cesium web applications. Optionally, ContextCapture can generate a base Cesium application that can be directly published to the Web without writing any code. Bentley is part of the team submitting 3D Tiles to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to become a Community Standard.

Check out these demos:

  • Orlando. This demo shows a mashup of a reality mesh of Orlando, FL, with vector data. The reality mesh was automatically produced with ContextCapture from aerial photographs taken with Track’Air’s Octoblique MIDAS imaging system.
  • Marseille. In this demo, you can navigate a reality mesh of Marseille, France, covering 105 square kilometers with a ground resolution of 10 centimeters, and generated from 18,934 photographs taken with InterAtlas oblique imaging system.