Vricon working with the Cesium team on 3D Tiles


This week the OGC is meeting at the World Bank building in Washington, D.C., to plan, organize, and forge a path for open standards to help support the ever evolving needs of the growing geospatial community. As part of this, Patrick Cozzi, the founder of Cesium, will be presenting 3D Tiles during the Thursday session to the community. 3D Tiles is an open format that has been designed from the ground up to support massive transmission of heterogeneous 3D spatial data across the web. While 3D Tiles is still in its early stages, several implementations will be highlighted.

Vricon’s astounding work with 3D Tiles will be showcased during the 3D Tile presentation. Vricon and the Cesium team have been collaborating to implement high-resolution terrain processing into a 3D Tiles package that then gets streamed into a Cesium client. The goal is to provide users with high-speed creation, processing, and dissemination of best resolution terrain.

We will be sure to provide updates on this work regularly. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out at hello@cesium.com. We’d love to hear about your use case.

San Francisco: Vricon terrain in 3D Tiles in Cesium

San Francisco: Vricon terrain in 3D Tiles in Cesium. Imagery courtesy of Digital Globe.

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