Welcome to the new CesiumJS.org


Welcome to the new CesiumJS.org! We’ll be the first to admit that our old website was due for a makeover. We’ve had the same one since Cesium started in 2012, and while it’s served us well over the years, it was time for some major renovations.


Along with a new look and feel, the new site features a more responsive design that is much friendlier for small screens and mobile devices.


Using site analytics, we reorganized the navigation and layout to make it easier for everyone to find the most important pages, such as the newly reorganized documentation section.


We’re amazed by the growing number of demos and showcases the community has built over the years. The new demos page has been streamlined to better show off our community’s spectacular portfolio, and new industry-based categories make it easy for users to filter and find demos they are most interested in. The blog also features a new category filter.

Blog Categories

Finally, because Cesium has grown so much, the About and Team pages have been completely retooled to better emphasize what we are all about and how best to reach out to us if you need more than the forum. For those interested in joining the team, be sure to check out the equally redesigned Jobs section.

Team Page

Those are just some of the highlights of the new site. We went out of our way to make sure all of your old favorites and links continue to work with the redesigned site, but if you find any issues or have any other feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

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