OpenLayers 3 Adds Cesium


When we first started developing Cesium at AGI, we learned that many Cesium developers were already using OpenLayers. For example, over two years ago, Raytheon developed an OpenLayers 2 adapter for Cesium to aid in adding Cesium to Vega.

Likewise, the OpenLayers developers saw significant interest in 3D and Cesium in particular so a goal of OpenLayers 3 was to integrate Cesium. Now, thanks to the work of Camptocamp, Boundless, and Klokan Technologies, OL3-Cesium achieves this. We congratulate them on this development effort and look forward to community collaborations with Cesium and OL3.

OL3-Cesium map context and raster synchronization that uses AGI's STK Terrain Server which provides out-of-the-box, optimized terrain for any Cesium application.

Similiar to how OL3-Cesium provides an OL3 adapter to Cesium, WebGL Earth 2 provides a Leaflet-compatible API to Cesium. We're exited to see Cesium at the center of 3D geospatial visualization on the web.

For more info, check out the announcements from Camptocamp and Klokan Technologies. As always, head to the Cesium forum with your Cesium questions.

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