Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2014


Developers from the Cesium team are heading to the SIGGRAPH conference again this year. On Tuesday, August 12, we are hosting the “Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium” BOF (informal meeting) from 11am-12pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building, Room 9. This will have a brief introduction to Cesium, the latest news, awesome demos from AGI, NICTA, and Camptocamp, and Cesium swag. Join us.

Here’s the schedule:

Introduction and Cesium Updates (10 minutes)
Patrick Cozzi, AGI

NORAD Tracks Santa Demo (5 minutes)
Patrick Cozzi, AGI

Space Situational Awareness Demo (5 minutes)
Alex Wood, AGI

Australia Globe/National Map Demo (10 minutes)
Keith Grochow, NICTA

Oculus Rift and Doarama Demo (5 minutes)
Chris Cooper, NICTA

Geometry tiling, LOD and using Cesium server side in Node.js (5 minutes)
Chris Cooper, NICTA

Displaying high resolution terrain, aerial imagery and buildings at a country-wide level with Cesium (10 minutes)
Emmanuel Belo, Camptocamp

2D mapping and 3D integration with ol3js and Cesium for navigation purposes (5 minutes)
Emmanuel Belo, Camptocamp

Wrapup (5 minutes) Patrick Cozzi, AGI

While we’re waiting for SIGGRAPH, check out the trip report from last year.

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