Cesium Version B26 Released


Cesium version b26 is now available for download.

This is our biggest release in quite some time and includes 4 major new features:

  • Added Model primitive for drawing 3D models using glTF. See the tutorial and Sandcastle example. Model support will continue to evolve as the glTF specification is finalized. See the Models roadmap for more details.
  • DynamicScene now makes use of Geometry and Appearances, which provides a tremendous improvements to DataSource visualization (CZML, GeoJSON, etc..); extruded geometries are now supported and in many use cases performance is an order of magnitude faster.
  • Added new SelectionIndicator and InfoBox widgets to Viewer, activated by using viewerDynamicObjectMixin. This is Cesium’s answer to similar balloon pop-up capabilities in other maps.
  • CesiumTerrainProvider now supports mesh-based terrain like the tiles created by STK Terrain Server.

This release also includes many simple to fix but breaking changes to the API in preparation for Cesium 1.0. For a full list of all changes, see the b26 change log.

Cesium-themed glTF model airplane.

A CZML file of New York City buildings from OpenStreetMap showing both the new SelectionIndicator and InfoBox widgets.

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