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Yu Yuan

President, IEEE Standards Association

Dr. Yu Yuan, President of IEEE Standards Association, is a visionary scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur in the areas of Consumer Technology, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation.

He co-founded VerseMaker, a metaverse enabling and incubation platform facilitating global collaboration and innovation on metaverse by information exchange, expert network, and investment. VerseMaker is committed to becoming a bridge and catalyst for China's research and development, education and training, large enterprises, start-up companies, and investment institutions to participate in the global metaverse innovation and cooperation ecosystem.

He founded 0xSenses, a multinational technology company specializing in Virtual Reality. Dedicated to "Creating Better Worlds" as its long-term vision, 0xSenses is developing technologies, infrastructures, ecosystems, and resources needed for massively multiplayer ultra-realistic virtual experiences. Prior to this he worked for IBM Research as a research scientist and was a key contributor to IBM's Cell Broadband Engine, Smarter Planet, and IoT initiative.

He has been a passionate volunteer in various leadership positions at IEEE and other professional organizations. He is also serving as a Director on the IEEE Board of Directors, a Member-at-Large on the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Board of Governors, the Executive Vice Chair of the China Institute of Communications Blockchain Committee, and the Honorary President of the Japan International Metaverse Association. He has a Ph.D., an M.S., and a B.S. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.

Yu Yuan, guest on Season 4, Episode 12, Building the Open Metaverse