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An open source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps. Learn more.

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or install with NPM:

$ npm install cesium
What’s new?

1.89 - 2022-01-03

Highlights include:

  • Removed Scene.debugShowGlobeDepth. #9965
  • Removed CesiumInspectorViewModel.globeDepth and CesiumInspectorViewModel.pickDepth. #9965
  • barycentricCoordinates returns undefined when the input triangle is degenerate. #9175
  • Added a pointSize field to custom vertex shaders for more control over shading point clouds. #9960
  • Added lambertDiffuseMultiplier property to Globe object to enhance terrain lighting. #9878
  • Added getFeatureInfoUrl option to WebMapServiceImageryProvider which reads the getFeatureInfo request URL for WMS service if it differs with the getCapabilities URL. #9563
  • Added tileset.enableModelExperimental so tilesets with Model and ModelExperimental can be mixed in the same scene. #9982

See the changelog for the complete list of changes.

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