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Cesiumが PLATEAU Consortiumに参加


Cesium GS,Inc. は、この度 国土交通省が様々な方々と連携し推進するPLATEAUコンソーシアムに参加させていただくことになりました。


Cesium joins PLATEAU Consortium


Cesiumは、PLATEAUコンソーシアムへの参加に先駆けて、6月4日にJapan 3D Buildingsデータセットを発表しました。これにより、PLATEAUの3D建物データがCesium ionで容易に利用可能となり、より多くの方々が、PLATEAUデータにアクセスできるようになったことで、3D地理空間のエコシステムの発展を促します。



Cesium Joins PLATEAU Consortium to Support Digital Twins of Cities Across Japan

Cesium is excited to announce our participation in the PLATEAU Consortium, which is promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in collaboration with various stakeholders. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported us thus far.

Cesium joins PLATEAU Consortium

PLATEAU is a platform that aims to develop 3D city models across Japan and provide them as open data so that anyone can freely access them, with the goal of realizing digital twins of cities nationwide.

The PLATEAU Consortium is a platform for industry-government-academia collaboration that brings together diverse players to build the PLATEAU ecosystem. Cesium is being used as the 3D digital map engine for PLATEAU, whose missionto develop, utilize, and provide 3D city models as open data aligns with Cesium's goal to advance the 3D geospatial ecosystem.

By participating in the PLATEAU Consortium, Cesium will further contribute to building Japan's 3D city model ecosystem, fostering open innovation, nurturing communities and talent, developing technology, and supporting the resolution of challenges faced by local governments and private enterprises.

In anticipation of joining the PLATEAU Consortium, Cesium announced Japan 3D Buildings on June 4, enabling more people to access PLATEAU data via Cesium ion.

Cesium also participated in the first conference of the PLATEAU Consortium held on June 14 and delivered a presentation. The video of the event is available here

For technical questions, information sharing, or showcasing your work related to Cesium, we welcome posts from anyone in any industry on Cesium's Japanese forum.

Gen Kukita

Written by Gen Kukita