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Mike Frederick Joins the Cesium Team as a Senior Software Developer

We’re happy to welcome Mike Frederick to the Cesium team as a senior software developer. Mike will support Cesium’s infrastructure function, which includes DevSecOps, compliance, and build, test, and delivery automations. 

Robust testing and automation have been central to Cesium’s approach to engineering since our founding. As our team and products have grown, we’ve developed a need for this squad-independent function to level up on industry best practices and automations. Mike’s work to support the reliability and security across the Cesium platform ensures better products for Cesium’s users. 

Mike Frederick at the Lego exhibit at Franklin Institute: The Art of the Brick

Mike at the Franklin Institute's Lego exhibit, "The Art of the Brick."

Mike is an expert in automation and pipelines, with extensive experience in software test automation, DevSecOps, embedded software, cloud platforms, virtualization, Kubernetes, and containers. Prior to joining the Cesium team, he worked in engineering and test automation at IBM, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin. Mike holds an MSE in Embedded Systems from University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Computer Engineering from Penn State. 

Outside of Cesium, Mike goes camping with his kids as often as possible. He also enjoys biking and homebrewing. 

Cesium is still hiring! Check out our careers page to find your place on the team.