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Tim Moore Joins the Cesium Team to Advance Our Omniverse Roadmap

We’re very happy to welcome Tim Moore to the Cesium team. As a 3D software developer working on native runtimes, Tim will be making improvements to Cesium for Omniverse and Cesium Native. 

Tim Moore with his wife, Rachel

Tim with his wife, Rachel.

Tim knows Cesium Native well. Last year, he became a Cesium Certified Developer and was the first person outside our team to publish an integration using Cesium Native: vsgCs, which streams 3D Tiles in a Vulkan Scene Graph application. He’s worked as a consultant for many years with an expertise in scene graphs, both Open Scene Graph (OSG) and Vulkan Scene Graph (VSG). 

Tim has extensive experience in real-time simulation and visualization. After early projects for the Army Research Laboratory in VR and dynamic terrain modification and a contribution to Disney’s Cyberspace Mountain attraction, he was a major contributor to the open-source flight simulator FlightGear. In a previous life Tim was a compiler engineer, working on and porting the gcc compiler and Common Lisp implementations.

Our team is still growing! If you’d like to help expand the 3D geospatial ecosystem, check out our careers page.