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Sarah Koon Joins the Cesium Team as Events Producer

As the communities of the open metaverse expand and Cesium continues to grow, we do so with a principled commitment to our core values and the cultural tenets that have made us who we are. Community and team events will play a key role in our continued efforts, and we’re happy to welcome Sarah Koon as Cesium’s new Events Producer.

In this role, Sarah will develop and manage various events related to our vision for 3D geospatial in the open metaverse that support our business, benefit our partners, and promote continuous learning across communities. With Sarah’s help, we’ll continue to foster and sustain our unique and collaborative culture with events that bring us together as a team. And with our new headquarters in Old City Philadelphia, we will have more opportunities to give back to and promote our local area through hosted events.

Sarah comes to Cesium with more than 15 years of experience designing, planning, and managing events across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. With a B.A. in theater and a minor in adult education from Lee University, Sarah is a creative thinker who also brings a fresh voice to our team–quite literally, as she performs vocals and is a multi-instrumentalist in bands across the area. We’re delighted to have Sarah on the team. Cesium is still hiring! If you’re interested in joining the team, please visit our Careers Page.

Sarah Koon wears sunglasses, a blue tank top, and green shorts on the right side of this photo. Lush green trees are behind her, and rock walls line a creek on the left side of the photo, with a waterfall toward the center.