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Introducing Cesium ion Teams: Work and Collaborate with 3D Tiles

We are elated to introduce Cesium ion Teams - a new type of account within Cesium ion enabling your team to use a single account to upload, host, tile, stream, and collaborate to build your 3D geospatial applications. Teams enable you to manage your assets, stories, access tokens, and other applications as an organization.

To set up a Teams account, you can either convert your existing Cesium ion account (all assets will be transferred to the team) or get started by creating a new team. Once created, you can add members to the Teams account and all members will be able to manage and share assets within the team. Cesium ion allows you to switch between an individual and a Teams account.

Screenshot of Cesium ion Teams

You can also access your Teams account from Cesium for Unreal and Cesium for O3DE directly, just like you accessed individual accounts previously. When signing into ion Teams from game engines, click the “Connect to Cesium ion” button and authorize access from your browser and select the account you wish to access. This will allow you to view, manage, and add assets and access tokens from the game engine UI.

Screenshot of Cesium ion Teams

Cesium ion Teams is available starting today for all Commercial, Premium, and Enterprise customers. If you are on a Community plan, you can upgrade your existing account, or create a new team with a subscription.

We are keeping the same metrics as traditional individual accounts that you have been accustomed to, and all usage is maintained separately for the team from the member’s accounts. And to top it all off, there is no limit on the number of team members you add to your organization!

Get started developing 3D geospatial apps with Cesium ion Teams today.