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Mia Tang Joins the Cesium Team as Emerging Technology Intern

We’re happy to welcome Mia Tang to the Cesium team. Mia joins us as an Emerging Technologies Intern from Carnegie Mellon University. She’s currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Arts, and has been the TA for the computer graphics course at CMU. 

Mia Tang

While she’s at Cesium, Mia will create learning content and designs that help communicate the core parts of the Cesium ecosystem. She’ll be contributing to our open source projects, creating new samples, demos, and tutorials across the Cesium platform. Mia has a knack for making technical concepts easy to understand. You can get a glimpse of her past work in the delightful graphics cartoons she shares on Twitter and on her website.  

anti-aliasing comics

If you have ideas for learning content, reach out to us on the community forum