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Donna Aita Joins the Cesium Team

Since our spinout just over two years ago, the Cesium team has grown fourfold. It has become increasingly clear that Cesium’s unique role in bridging our physical and digital worlds is critical to building the open metaverse, and that vision has pushed us to scale quickly. 

To accelerate that growth, we’re pleased to welcome Donna Aita to the Cesium team. As executive assistant, Donna runs logistics to keep our operations running efficiently. In addition to keeping the calendar and organizing meetings, she plans the virtual and in-person events that bring our team together and coordinate our vision as we develop the 3D geospatial platform for the open metaverse. 

Donna Aita

Donna has worked over twenty years as an executive assistant, office manager, and project manager in a variety of industries. Her administrative support maximizes the impact of our time on creating value for the community.

Cesium is growing fast! To find your spot on our team, check out our careers page.