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Xuelong Mu Joins the Cesium Team as Unreal Engine 3D Developer

I’m very excited to announce that Xuelong Mu has joined the Cesium team as an Unreal Engine developer.

We’ve seen incredible interest in Cesium for Unreal and the possibilities enabled by bridging 3D geospatial and game engines. Xuelong comes to us with a deep understanding of Unreal Engine's tools and technologies that will further our work in expanding the capabilities of Cesium for Unreal, and will also contribute to the community forum,  learning materials, and tutorial videos to support developers working with Cesium for Unreal.  

Xuelong has developed multiplayer games, AR/VR experiences, and gameplay tools in Unreal Engine before coming to Cesium. His YouTube channel offers game dev tutorials on everything from creating spline mesh components to handling health, damage, and respawning in UE4.

Xuelong is interested not just in game development, but in how the virtual world intersects with the real world. He holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and has worked in robotics as well.

We’re still hiring! If you’d like to join us in developing Cesium for Unreal, check out our careers page.

Xuelong Mu, Game Engine Developer at Cesium