Cesium to Keynote Virtual Energy and GIS Conference


Cesium Director of Product Management Shehzan Mohammed will deliver the keynote address as this year’s Virtual Energis Conference on December 9, 2020.

The annual event is focused on the role of GIS in the energy industry and sponsored by the Geospatial Information & Technology Association. It is free to attend.

Shehzan’s talk will focus on powering digital transformation for safer, more efficient industry.

The ability to monitor faciltiies from anywhere in the world, systems that alert operators when they need maintenance, interactive reporting on events and environmental impact, and capability to train crews virtually in precise digital twins of production sites are all examples of what is possible with today’s 3D geospatial technology.

Shehzan will cover these examples, give a high-level overview of Cesium, and address future scenarios and challenges.

Together with partners like Intel Geospatial, we’re already working to bring digital transformation powered by 3D geospatial platforms to the energy industry. We are looking forward to this opportunity to connect with more leaders at the intersection of energy and geospatial.

Join us at Energis, Wednesday Dec. 9, 1 pm EST.

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