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Tell Better Stories with Fullscreen Slides

Even the most geospatially-oriented presentations can benefit from non-geospatial-specific information, such as title slides, large format images, and good old-fashioned three point bulleted lists. That’s why today we are thrilled to launch a new Cesium Stories feature, fullscreen slides, which allow you to create slides without a map and instead use background images, colors and rich text.

Sample Title Slide

An example title slide created with the new fullscreen feature. We didn’t actually create an entire Cesium story about porpoises, but maybe one of you will!

Fullscreen slides greatly expand the scope and type of stories you can create, making it possible to perform entire conference-style presentations directly from Cesium Stories.

New Slide Split Button

The “New Slide” button in the Cesium Stories editor has a new drop down that allows users to choose a slide type.

As with the rest of Cesium Stories, fullscreen slides automatically adjust to look good on everything from large conference room projectors down to a mobile phone.

Traditional Slide

Users can also create more traditional slides by selecting a background color and making use of rich text and images.

Try out fullscreen slides and everything else Cesium Stories has to offer by creating a free Cesium ion account. We’d love to see what you build! Share your stories by posting them to the Cesium community forum or tag @CesiumJS on Twitter.