Dave Braig Joins Cesium to Manage Smart Construction Development


We’re excited to welcome Dave Braig to the Cesium team. Dave will be managing the smart construction project we’re developing in partnership with Komatsu. The Smart Construction Dashboard makes it possible to visualize and analyze progress on a construction site faster than ever before thanks to a digital twin of the site that combines a target design with frequently updated as-built data, including land surveys, drone surveys, and smart vehicle sensor data.

Dave will be working with the customer to build in more enhanced functionality so site managers can gain more insights into the data they collect on job sites. Dave’s insights into customer challenges will also help drive new features into Cesium’s platform.

We love the depth of GIS experience Dave brings to the team. Dave comes to us with over two decades of experience in the design and development of GIS solutions. He has broad experience in leading teams of GIS professionals and developers in crafting geospatial data and applications.

Dave is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and certified Geospatial Professional (GISP), and he holds a degree in Geography and GIS from Penn State University. He’s also active in teaching GIS technology. He’s an adjunct professor at Delaware Technical Community College, volunteers each year with Delaware’s GIS Day activities, and volunteers in fifth grade classrooms across Delaware to introduce students to GIS.

We appreciate Dave’s flexibility in joining us even as we all work remotely, and we look forward to working with him in person in the future.

Welcome, Dave!

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