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New Immersive Art Experience In Jerusalem Powered by Cesium

You can now explore Jerusalem’s art galleries from your browser with a new platform called The Virtual Salon, developed by our friends at Webiks and leveraging Cesium to expand how users experience art.

The innovative project shows models of Jerusalem’s art galleries, museums, and artist studios created from 3D scans, allowing visitors to see them in a realistic 3D model of the city without leaving home.

While this alone makes Jerusalem’s rich cultural offerings more accessible, founders Smadar Tsook and Shira Rivelis took the project even further with their latest virtual exhibition, which is an art project in itself. “This Is Not a Map” takes virtual works of art from their actual locations and places them in key locations throughout the city.

The app is built on CesiumJS, and the massive city model was made stream-able with 3D Tiles. Projects like this are one of the things we love most about Cesium’s open source community!

Have a story to share about how you’re using Cesium? We’re all ears.

Learn more about The Virtual Salon at Webiks

“Are Your Eyes a Window?” 2019, an artwork by David Martin Ambrosio, visualized in 3D

Another view of “Are Your Eyes a Window?” by David Martin Ambrosio

“Golden NetBob,” 2019, an artwork by George Blaha, visualized in 3D