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Trendspek Shares Digital Twins with 3D Tiles for Remote Inspections

This is a guest post by Josh Sinclair of Trendspek, which creates digital twins for remote inspections. They share their massive datasets online using 3D Tiles and Cesium ion.

Trendspek transforms how physical assets are managed through automation and drone technology.

Our tools allow asset managers to digest ultra high resolution digital twins in their web browser. This allows inspections to be conducted remotely, boosting productivity and profitability for anyone responsible for the management or maintenance of physical assets. We create these ultra high resolution datasets using refined capture techniques and aerial imagery acquired with drones.

Trendspek dashboard

Trendspek adopted Cesium early in the project to enable support of the phenomenal 3D Tiles specification.


We have used Cesium to develop a range of tools, including measurements, annotations, and timeline viewers to compare tilesets. Users are able to extract an original full resolution image of any point in a tileset with a simple right click.

We want to build a culture of collaboration with chat and messaging functionality. End users can comment, tag, and respond to communications made about specific assets and even specific annotations.


And we’re enhancing predictive maintenance by closely monitoring trends and have built tools using Cesium that allow users to view models side by side and observe critical differences. Trendspek refines their understanding of an ever changing asset.

Side-by-side comparison

We are currently looking at expanding our cross functional team. If you are an Australian-based full stack developer (Laravel, jQeury, Bootstrap, MySQL) with Cesium exposure, get in touch!