Stream BIM and CAD models using 3D Tiles in Cesium ion


The 3D tiling pipeline on Cesium ion now includes support for interior and exterior BIM and CAD models, adding to existing support for point clouds, photogrammetry, and 3D buildings.

BIM model with photogrammetry scene, courtesy of Bentley Systems.

Bring geospatial context to your BIM and CAD 3D Tiles by combining them with terrain and city photogrammetry models in custom CesiumJS applications. Visualize from global scale to city scale to fine-grained details like nuts and bolts all in one application.

Interior of a power plant BIM model. Model provided by Bentley Systems.

The ion tiling pipeline is also available on-premise as a set of command line interfaces (CLIs) that run completely within your own infrastructure for integration into your custom data workflows.

ion tiling3D Tiling data fusion with Cesium ion.

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