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Global LNG Flow Tracking and Site Monitoring with Eikland Energy

Eikland Energy AS provides research and analysis for the energy industry, with vertical specialization in natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG), power, and renewable energy. Maintaining comprehensive operationally focused industry databases and tools, the company performs strategic and competitive analysis, energy market modeling, and forecasting.

The iGIS/LNG product is a complete LNG business intelligence solution that combines site, project, vessel, and company data as well as ownership and contract information. Real-time disaggregated flow forecasts and business alerts are provided at all locations, seamlessly integrated with daily natural gas pipeline flow and storage data, global weather forecasts, port authority and other external information. The underlying advanced logistical system offers trading program scheduling and planning with adaptive optimal ship routing.

iGIS/LNG uses CesiumJS as a key part of its user interface, quick search, and platform for analytics and instant visualization. Users can draw on multiple WMS-based imagery providers, including Copernicus Sentinel-2, Landsat, and official navigation charts, integrated with business-supporting artificial intelligence capabilities.