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New United States Terrain up to 0.5m Added to Cesium World Terrain

Fresh high-resolution terrain across the United States was added to Cesium World Terrain.

New 3m terrain now covers large sections of the United States, including major cities such as San Francisco, Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and New Orleans, to name just a few.

The quarry near San Francisco shown below highlights how the new high-resolution terrain (left) brings the hills, roads, and steps into focus. Try the slider to see how the new terrain also better matches the high-resolution imagery.

New 0.5m terrain now covers the entire West Coast of the US, from the Mexico border all the way up to the Canada border.

This coastal shot shows the old terrain (right); the rugged nature of the coast becomes clear with new high resolution terrain (left).

The wireframe view below makes the detail in the new data obvious. Compare the old terrain (right) with new terrain (left).

What does high resolution terrain bring to your use case?