Cesium Helps Out at GETT (Girls Exploring Tomorrow's Technology) 2018


This past Saturday, Hannah Pinkos and I attended the GETT 2018 event and shared the newest iteration of the Cesium Drone Arcade Game with almost 1,000 girls from middle and high schools across the Philadelphia area.

Cesium Drone Arcade Game station

GETT (Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology) is an annual event staffed by volunteers from a broad range of technology and science oriented organizations. The aim is to expose STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers to young women through hands-on exploration.

Cesium Drone Arcade Game station

AGI has been a long time sponsor of GETT. This year, we brought along the Cesium Drone Arcade Game to the expo portion of the event. A previous iteration of the Cesium Arcade Game also made an appearance at last year’s GETT event to much success. This year to learn more about drones and their uses, the girls got to play a version featuring simulated drone controls and then fly some actual drones we brought to the booth.

Cesium Drone Arcade Game station

Hannah and I got to share our experiences as Software Developers and how we program, including how we and others all contributed to make the arcade game. We look forward to helping out again next year as the event grows!

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