Cesium at GETT (Girls Exploring Tomorrow's Technology)


Over the weekend, the Cesium team participated in GETT 2017. GETT (Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology) is a volunteer organization that encourages young girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). At the annual day-long event, girls in grades 5–10 attend a variety of interactive break-out sessions and walk around the Expo, where women from 60+ organizations showcase hands-on activities demonstrating the variety of STEM career opportunities. This year’s event sold out in four hours and was attended by almost 1,000 students. AGI has been a long-time sponsor of the event and this year demonstrated the importance of knowing where satellites are in space by using the Satellite AR Android app developed by Cesium contributor Ed Mackey.

This year the Cesium team also participated in the Expo, and we brought the Cesium arcade machine with us!

The girls had a great time playing on the arcade machine, and Gabby and I explained how we write computer programs to do all sorts of cool things, including making this game. It was great to see so many young girls excited about STEM, and we look forward to participating in the event again next year.

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