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Display Flight Simulator and Air Traffic Control Systems Simultaneously with Flights-pro

Flights-pro is related to the Simpro-scene project. It uses Protege to represent knowledge and data and Rete4frames expert systems shell for intelligent information processing.

Flights-pro is both a simulator and an air traffic control system. It receives data on real air traffic from Flightradar-24, which is also powered by Cesium, and displays them on a 2D map in the browser window using Leaflet. Flights-pro performs analytics, such as determining whether an aircraft’s approach is dangerous, assessing the state of aircraft (e.g., take-off, landing, level), measuring the range to airports, and other tasks. The Flights-pro system allows users to plan and execute their own flights from one airport to another. In addition, users can make their own free-hand flight by piloting a plane from the cabin.

Flights-pro uses Cesium to represent the view from the cockpit. Users can be in the cockpit of any aircraft displayed on the map and can freely move from one plane to another. Also, users can view from the cabin in any direction (forward, backward, up, down, etc.). In addition to viewing the surrounding landscape, users can see other aircraft from the cockpit, which are shown as different colors and sizes. Users can control their own plane’s movements by entering data into the autopilot. The system can be used by pilots to study air traffic in the airport area and for training.

Users can adjust or further program the project, as shown on the project site.

Video of Landing in New York City: