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Paragliding Logbook: A Paragliding Flight Logbook and 3D Flight Simulator

The Paragliding Logbook is a web app that allows paraglider pilots to keep a simple, ordered diary of their flights and share it with friends. For each flight track, the pilot can add notes, videos, and pictures. Users can also see the flight in a detailed 3D environment. Flights can be uploaded online automatically by the IGC files (typical of flight instruments) or via GPX files created with any standard gps logger. For those pilots who don’t have a flight recording instrument, it is also possible to manually enter a flight record.

With the 3D viewer, pilots can analyze each flight in great detail. For every moment of the flight, the Paragliding Logbook displays altitude, ground speed, vertical speed, and efficiency. When mapped over Cesium’s globe, pilots can view their flight tracks above terrain in 3 dimensions, from every point of view, rotated, and zoomed. In addition, the tracks are colored according to the instantaneous vertical speed value, tending to red if the paraglider was climbing and tending to blue if descending. Flights can be visualized on both desktop and mobile devices.

The site also includes a paragliding flight simulator with realistic air conditions through which users can explore any area of the world.