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3D at FOSS4G Europe

FOSS4G Europe is in just a few weeks. It’s no surprise that there will be a number of talks on 3D, which means people will be talking about Cesium.

We’re especially excited about Loïc Gasser and Olivier Terral’s talk on Swisstopo’s work with 3D TilesSwiss Federal Geoportal uses 3D Tiles to represent both natural and artificial features in the Swiss landscape, from terrain and trees to buildings, complete with roof overhangs.

We’ve also noticed talks on Mago3D.js, which uses Cesium for representing indoor space; on LIS3D, a mobile application for visualizing sports competitions in 3D; and on Albion, a program to model subsurface data for mines.

The conference will be held July 18–22 in Marne-la-Vallée, outside Paris. Tweet to @CesiumJS to share what you learn at FOSS4G Europe.