Cesium in Town for GDC


Some of us from the Cesium team will be in San Francisco during the Game Developers Conference.

Next Thursday, March 2, join us for the WebGL/WebVR/glTF meetup. Along with Microsoft and Unity, we will be presenting the latest on glTF 2.0 and the glTF ecosystem, including Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) materials.

Two of my students at the University of Pennsylvania, Jian Ru and Mohamad Moneimne, will also present their glTF 2.0 work using Vulkan and WebGL.

While we’re in the Bay Area, we’re also meeting with Cesium partners and users. Email me if you would like to get together to talk tech or business.


Downtown San Francisco in Cesium with CyberCity 3D buildings, Planet Labs imagery, and STK World Terrain.

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