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Stratalogica: Interactive, Multi-layered Maps for Schools

Stratalogica, an interactive map resource for the classroom, is used in thousands of schools. It provides an environment where teachers and students can engage with multi-layered maps, share content, and collaborate.

Stratalogica was developed by Nystrom Education, one of the few companies still creating physical globe maps for use in the classroom. Through Stratalogica, those maps, globes, atlases, and charts come alive for students. Stratalogica was originally based on the Google Earth plugin, which has since been deprecated. Last year Nystrom Education moved all of the app’s 3D components to Cesium, working from the original KML files. The transition successfully preserved thousands of presentations, custom views, and attached multimedia components. This move opened up the platform to Chromebooks and Android devices, which are now being extensively used in the classroom.

Now entirely web-based and powered by Cesium and Bing, Stratalogica is designed for computers, Chromebooks, tablets, projectors, and interactive whiteboards. Stratalogica supports most major browsers and operating systems.