Compare GPS tracks of Wingsuit Performance Flights with Paralog Performance Competition


Since 2004, Paralog has been used to judge wingsuit performance competitions.

In 2008, the Paralog Performance Competition added online real-time judging and online sharing of the results. The site initially used the Google Earth plugin for 3D visualtization of the flights but migrated to Cesium in response to the announced end-of-life and limited availability of this plugin. Migration went smoothly, and resulted in an improved user experience since Cesium does not require users to install a plugin. Additionally, thanks to Cesium the site is now available on all major platforms including Linux, smart phones, and tablets, and has a number of improved features, including integration between the charts and 3D views through JavaScript.

For 12 years, Paralog and the Paralog Performance Competition have supported wingsuit performance flying with more than 70 succesfully judged competitons and more than 8,800 processed wingsuit performance flights. Paralog now also has real-time playback.

In 2015 the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) International Parachuting Commission (IPC) adopted the rules developed by and for the Paralog Performance Competition as the official international rules for wingsuit performance flying by choosing Paralog and the Paralog Performance Competition website as the official judging system.

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