Gary Li joins the Cesium team


Today we’re happy to welcome Gary Li as a summer intern on the Cesium team at AGI.

This summer, Gary will contribute to the gltf-pipeline project, started by his classmate Richard Lee, by adding the ability to prebake ambient occlusion (AO) to create visually appealing 3D buildings in Cesium with 3D Tiles. Gary will also contribute to Cesium’s shadow renderer and other areas of 3D Tiles.

Gary just received his bachelor’s degree in digital media design from the University of Pennsylvania and will finish his master’s in computer graphics and game technology this December.

Previously, Gary was an intern at Google, where he worked on Google Maps 3D; a developer at the Philadelphia Game Lab, where we worked together on a car rig with Blender and Three.js; and a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Computer Graphics course at Penn.

Gary also developed a GPU cloth simulation with OpenGL Compute Shaders in Patrick’s GPU Programming and Architecture course, and will be one of the course’s teaching assistants this fall.

Welcome, Gary!

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