Poconos Code Sprint Trip Report


The Cesium Fall Code Sprint, an event of intensive, multi-day, collaborative coding and team building, took place October 12-18. We left our usual home at AGI in Exton and rented a house in Lake Harmony in the Pocono Mountains in Eastern Pennsylvania. We got to experience the feeling of autumn in the mountains with its cool days, colorful leaves, and a lot of deer.


More Deer

We arrived Tuesday, and after getting settled, we opened with a public discussion of Cesium’s mission statement, which you can take a look at on the forum here.

On Wednesday, Dan and Sean dug into adding preliminary support for WebGL 2 in Cesium, which is ultimately part of the roadmap for WebGL2 and WebGL extensions. Tom worked on a glTF materials extension, and Sean worked on a converter from obj files to glTF, called OBJ2GLTF.

Group Code

Patrick worked mainly on glTF specs, which you can check out here.

Wednesday also featured a good amount of issue triage, where we closed old and already-fixed issues. Over the course of the week, we closed about 55 issues total.


We also got a chance to explore some of the local food around Lake Harmony.


Thursday’s work included Matt looking at the build process, where he got rid of Java and Ant and instead used Gulp, Hannah’s work on the camera, and the glTF spec finishing touches.

For me personally, this was my first code sprint and the first time working on Cesium proper. I closed about five issues in the Cesium repo throughout the week, and on Friday I worked on adding a demo mode to the NYC 3D Tiles demo.

Overall, we worked hard and got a lot done. While this image is not inclusive of all the work we did as it only shows the work we did contributing to the Cesium repository, here’s a snapshot of the commits we made:


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