STK World Terrain


Update: STK World Terrain has been deprecated, see Introducing Cesium World Terrain

I’m pleased to formally announce a new terrain tileset for use with Cesium and other applications: STK World Terrain!

Terrain Server

STK World Terrain is a seamless mosaic built from a large and growing set of terrain data. It currently includes 10 meter resolution data for the United States, 30 meter data for Europe and Australia (both added just this week!), and 90 meter data for most of the rest of the world. With STK World Terrain, your Cesium application can have beautiful, high-resolution terrain right out of the box, just by adding a few of lines of code.

var terrainProvider = new Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider({
    url : '//'
viewer.terrainProvider = terrainProvider;

STK World Terrain is generously provided for free use on the Internet by Analytical Graphics, Inc. It is served in an open format, so the data can be used by any application, not just Cesium-based ones. See the Terms of Usefor complete details. If your application needs to work on a network disconnected from the Internet, or if you would like to incorporate your own terrain data into STK World Terrain, please check out STK Terrain Server.

If you're already using the older Small Terrain tileset, you will find that this new tileset is higher-resolution and does a better job of preserving the shape of terrain features like cliffs and distant mountains. Perhaps more importantly, STK World Terrain is a living tileset; we will incorporate more and better data into it as time goes on. However, STK World Terrain does not yet include the water mask found in Small Terrain, so you should continue to use the older tileset for the time being if the fancy water effect is valuable for your application. We expect to include the water mask in a future version of STK World Terrain.

Terrain server Terrain server Terrain server Terrain server Terrain server Terrain server

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