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Cesium Version b24 Released

Cesium version b24 is now available for download.

Highlights for this release include:

  • The minified, combined Cesium.js file now omits certain DeveloperError checks, to increase performance and reduce file size. When developing your application, we recommend using the unminified version locally for early error detection, then deploying the minified version to production.
  • Added translateEventTypes, zoomEventTypes, rotateEventTypes, tiltEventTypes, and lookEventTypes properties to ScreenSpaceCameraController to change the default mouse inputs.
  • Added Billboard.setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, Label.setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, DynamicBillboard.pixelOffsetScaleByDistance, and DynamicLabel.pixelOffsetScaleByDistance to control minimum/maximum pixelOffset scaling based on camera distance.

For a full list of changes, see the change log.