3D Tiling Pipeline

Imagery Tiler

Use this command line tool to tile your high-resolution imagery into standard formats for efficient streaming and visualization with CesiumJS.

The imagery tiler accepts a wide array of input formats for your satellite, drone, and aerial imagery, and outputs either TMS or WMTS tilesets. Source data can be processed from any provided projection, and will automatically be reprojected into EPSG:3857 Web Mercator.

The command line interface is easy to integrate into any platform, including Linux, Windows, AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. It's configurable, easy to use, and can be run in a single command.

Check out the full documentation.

High performance

The tiler makes use of every available CPU core for projections and downsampling, giving it a significant performance advantage. Its out-of-core implementation allows it to easily scale to massive datasets that do not fit into system memory. It performs well even on commodity hardware.


The tiler is written to handle everything from small patches of imagery to global-scale high-resolution imagery. It gracefully handles missing data as well as input with differing resolutions.

Fuse imagery from multiple sources

Mosaicking allows you to bring together imagery from various sources and in different formats into a unified tileset.

At runtime, imagery layers can be dynamically superimposed in CesiumJS, making analysis easy and convenient.

Global Sentinel-2 imagery (top left) combined with higher resolution Washington DC data (bottom).

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