Software Developer

Gabby Getz

Gabby works with both open source development and the Cesium community.

Gabby works on both the design and technical aspects of and, and she has contributed to Cesium and to Cesium ion. She also wrote the initial styling language for 3D Tiles. Gabby’s first encounter with AGI was through a STEM program in grade school that AGI supported, and she joined the Cesium team as a co-op in college. Gabby was the 2019 recepient of the Spar3D Younger Geospatial Professional of the Year award, and she served on the Program Committee for FOSS4G NA 2018. She earned a BS in Computer Science from Drexel University with a minor in Digital Media. While at Drexel, she co-created an indie game studio to release a mobile game.

In her spare time, Gabby paints, plays overly-complicated board games, and watches horror movies.

Connect with Gabby on Github.

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