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Live Tracking Red Bull X-Alps 2023 with CesiumJS

The Red Bull X-Alps 2023 started this week, and you can watch it from anywhere in the world with a live tracking app built on CesiumJS.

Live tracking the Red Bull X-Alps in 2023.

This is the twentieth anniversary of the World’s Toughest Adventure Race, a nearly two week long race for the world’s best hike-and-fly athletes, who hike, run, and paraglide across the Alps. Champion Christian Maurer, who has won the previous seven races, will be back to compete against new and returning athletes from around the planet.

Hikers in Red Bull X-Alps

Hiking the Red Bull X-Alps. Image © zooom / Lukas Pilz.

While only thirty athletes and their supporters compete, anyone can participate in an immersive digital experience by live tracking the race in an app built by zooom productions with CesiumJS.

Paraglider in Red Bull X-Alps live tracking

The live tracking app shows the real-time location of athletes. Image © Red Bull X-Alps.

During the last Red Bull X-Alps, the interactive site had more than 4 million visits, not to mention the many more people getting updates on YouTube and social media.

Track the race live.

The race is complex and dynamic. Athletes pass 12 turnpoints in five countries, but between those turnpoints they adapt their routes to the terrain and weather, and given the extended distances and time involved, anything can happen.

Route of the RedBull X-Alps 2023

Route of the Red Bull X-Alps 2023. Image courtesy Red Bull X-Alps.

Viewers following the race in real time in the CesiumJS app can view athletes' positions, on land or in air, on a 3D map, along with metrics such as speed, altitude, and remaining distance. 

Paraglider in Red Bull X-Alps live tracking

The athletes wear advanced GPS trackers so viewers can see their precise location–and current mode of travel. Image © Red Bull X-Alps.

Hikers in the Red Bull X-Alps

“Live Tracking of the race provides fans with an immersive digital experience of this unparalleled race through some of the world’s most picturesque terrain. Cesium was the best framework to achieve our goals.”

- Hannes Maier

Head of Digital, zooom productions

The race began June 11 and will run for nearly two weeks.

First person view of paraglider in Red Bull X-Alps live tracking

Viewers can join athletes in the cockpit with a first person point of view. The app is built on CesiumJS, and basemaps are provided by Esri. Image © Red Bull X-Alps..

To visualize your own GPS tracks or other data in Cesium, check out our CesiumJS Quickstart tutorial